The right agents, with the right skill set, at the right time & place, with the right information to do their job.


Reducing your staffing cost, without affecting performance.


Optimizing the variable workload over the available staff, to handle every situation.
Our Vision

The Viggo Holding Group has been operating for almost 50 years at 3 major airports in The Netherlands and has remained successful ever since. The holding company employs >1300 committed aviation professionals and handles >90.000 flights annually. In this domain Viggo has designed a data driven business model which is resilient and adaptive to these challenges. This model drives companies towards achieving Operational Excellence centred around multi-skilled staff. All of these are made possible by an innovative toolset which is module based. All of our tools are tested and in the operational Ground Handling companies. Via the technology spin-out Smart Solutions by Viggo, these are now available to boost you too.

It is not our goal to implement a tool; it is our goal to boost you forward by inspiring and training staff at any level, and providing the tools and methods to continuously improve.

Our Way of work

Process design

A clear process design will boost the effectivity and efficiency of your (support-) operation. The side effect will be recuded fail costs, improved customer satisfaction and an improvement in safety.

Succes in using Software

Using the right IT tool can be an eminent factor in becoming in control of your core processes. The first factor of succes of any IT tool is to select the right tool for your challenge which makes up just 33%. The next 33% is found in getting the right input data and configuration of business logic. The last and maybee most important 34% is making sure the operator is fully proficient in using the tool. This last item takes time, management effort and a team driven to achieve mutual success. Our job is not done till all three aspects are fulfilled and we are committed to achieving that.

The continuous improvement cylce

The core of the success story of the Viggo operational companies is based on the Deming Cycle of Continuous Improvement. This is an ever returning loop of Plan Do Check Act. We will train you in how to successfully implement this in your organization and will keep guiding until you are capable to self-sustain. Off course, for any complex aftercare or retraining, our implementation consultants are available to support. We will not let go, until you are ready, and will remain standby just in case.


One Week Challenge quick scan

Smart Solutions by Viggo has designed a quick scan in the form of a OneWeekChallenge (OWC): in just one week we can give you an objective insight in the state of your company in operations, culture, IT-readyness and much more. All based on improvement projects executed at a variety of worldwide located airports. This OWC requires commitment in time and effort from all layers of your company. On Monday we will do a kick off with your team, and by Friday we will present a roadmap with a business case how your future could look like.

Our Tools
The entire resource planning chain is always modular based. Smart Solutions can adapt and integrate to your existing toolset, by making use of API’s. There is no need to replace what’s good, and we can even help you to make use of your current tools better. Some tools that can help become more efficient and effective are:


Nett Capacity calculation tool consisting of >200 variables to give you the perfect insight in your demand curve.

ShiftGenerator & RosterGenerator

a powerful algorithm that outputs proven optimal anonymous shifts & rosterlines, based on your requirements and CLA.

Real-Time Planning

a module that automatically allocates staff to assignments that need to be done, based on the live flight schedule, giving you an optimal result every minute.


communication platform to read, enrich and share information for day to day operations enabling paperless and real-time communication.

Our Portfolio

Smart solutions by Viggo offers insights to increase your business on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Our vision is supported by tools which to push you to become a better version of yourself. We provide insight in standardisation of your core and support processes, and without ever being too strict. This will enable you to become in control of your business.


The Smart Solutions Software Suite consists of the right toolset for long term scenario and demand planning, short term shift and roster generation, and real-time day to day operational planning. All of is to get the right operator, at the right time and place, with the right information to do his job. To enable every stakeholder in the day to day operations to obtain, enrich and share date, Smart Solutions has designed ViCom (Viggo Communication Tool). This is a web application where operators at all levels can read, write and enrich meta data concerning flights. Also, they can see, start & stop their own assignments, set timestamps for critical events and even add information for billing purposes. All of this in the same tool, generic to any airline, any airport, any size and any scope of services.


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