Smart Solutions by Viggo offers insights in the current state of your operational and business performance. We like to share our extensive experience and expertise with other organizations, mainly focussing on process design and software integration & utilization.  Next to improving processes and systems, we inspire and train your employees to make sure your organization can keep on improving.


Process design

Well-defined process design with detailed work instructions helps you to be in control of your operations and provide consistency. Process design can increase both the quality and efficiency of your operations. By integrating standardized processes in your organization, safety is enhanced, customer service increases, and are resources and employees more efficiently allocated. Our process designs help to increase service levels and passenger satisfaction, they are also the foundation of an accurate planning which allows you to be in control of your operations and profitability anytime. 


Software integration and utilization

Utilizing software is an important way to increase the control of your operations and profitability. The result of software implementation depends on input data, software configuration and the use by your employees. Smart Solutions by Viggo helps you to better utilize your data or current software and we are also able to implement an entire new software package.

By careful configuration and implementation of software, we are able to extract the most value out of any software package. We combine commercially obtainable standard software and unique inhouse developed tools. Inhouse development was chosen where the “plain vanilla” software did not meet the functional requirements to facilitate Operational Excellence or was not appropriately priced to facilitate a positive business case.

As an early adopter of real time resource management software, we experienced that applying the right business rules and task combinations are key to effective and efficient operations. Our experience with resource management software allows us to optimize the utilization of your current tools or helps you to implement new resource management software effectively. This results in a controllable process with the right level of resources and people at the right place at the right time.

Curious how we do this? On this page, you can find more information about how our consultants and software can help you to gain full control of your operations and profitability.

Does our product and service offering appeal to you? Great! We look forward to working with you, in good cooperation and with mutual investment

The continuous improvement philosophy

The core to Viggo’s success as a ground handler is based on the Deming cycle of continuous improvement. This circle consists of four steps in which quality improvement are always in mind. We apply the same methodology in our consultancy work to provide you with the proven benefits of this approach. We guide you in the repetitive improvement loop until the goal is achieved. We can only offer this trajectory to a limited set of companies to ensure real continuous improvement, so get in touch now. 

Quick Scan by Viggo

Contingent upon your request and designated problem area, a quick scan can be executed on your premises. A high-level analysis will be conducted with a compact and understandable report as a result without spending many labour hours. In full consultation with your tactical and strategic needs, the scope is set which can be operational, capacity demand, service chain oriented or any other related business case. 

A custom team will be created which will start to collect data and will perform several analyses. This requires commitment in time, effort and data sharing from both parties. The result of the quick scan is an advice on what the biggest points of improvement are, and a plan of approach on what to tackle first and how. Together with your organization, a roadmap in which your feature competitive position will be created. 

What you can expect

Your company can benefit from an integral approach supported by a consolidated software suite and standardized processes too. Our approach has led to improvements in quality as well as increased profitability. In cooperation with previous clients we have achieved the following:



The Viggo Software Suite offers all the right tools for long term capacity planning, short term scheduling and rostering and for daily operational execution. All tools are supported by a quality management system. The tools are modular and can therefore be individually integrated in your existing environment. The tools are suitable for any company size, from regional airport operators to ground handlers at international airports.

Quality & Safety System (QSS)

To embed optimized operations all processes and work-instructions are described to the right detail and published in an online database. The information is accessible to every employee or even temporarily to remote or visiting auditors. The QSS facilitates a paperless organisation and automatically updates the right staff of relevant changes or new procedures which they digitally sign to ensure compliance. The QSS also includes a reporting tool for incidents and abnormalities which can be automatically linked to a work-instruction for a problem solution or risk mitigation. The implementation of the QSS allows you to earn industry specific certificates such as ISAGO and EASA, or general quality certificates like ISO9001 and ISO14001.