Ground Handling, from checkin- to pushback

We offer effecient ground handling services at a safe and pleasant airport

Viggo has provided high quality ground handling services since the opening of Eindhoven Airport. A broad range of activities is performed, both in the terminal and on the apronin the most efficient way. Together with our partners, we offer seamless airport operations, allowing the passenger to go from entrance to aircraft as  smoothly as possible.

At a glance, ground handling might not look very complicated. But at the airport numerous processes take place at the same time under a high level of time pressure. In the terminal we create a pleasant customer journey, while we work hard on the apron we  to turn a Boeing 737-800 around and ready for departure at exactly the right time. This can be as low as 25 minutes. Viggo offers ground handling services that match the demand from both the airline and the passenger. We make an effort to ensure a high efficiency level and ensure the safety of all persons involved.

Our focus on efficiency and safety & care for the environment, resulted in obtaining several accredited certificates. For quality management we are ISAGO certified and we obtained ISO14001 for environmental management. These accreditations were supported by adequate wastemangement and our modern fleet of Ground Support Equipment that is up to the latest standards when it comes to safety, reliability and ecological friendliness. Many of these units have been co-created or improved in close collaboration with our suppliers.


Ground handling can be divided into two main areas: passenger handling and ramp handling. From the moment passengers arivve at  an airport it is the duty of the passenger handling team, in cooperation with our partners, to make this process go smoothly. When airplanes enter the ramp after landing, we make sure they are ready for their departure within the designated, and often very short, turnaround time. Our ramp handling team offers all services from marshalling to baggage handling, catering andpushbacking.


Both our ramp handling and passenger handling teams are centrally managed in real-time with the use of the most modern digital staff allocation software. It allows us to make a long-term planning to prevent labour scarcity and gives us the opportunity to make real time changes in critical situations. This results in a schedule with the right amount of resources dedicated to any task.Timely insights, even during disruptions, keeps our operation fully in control.As a consequence, we can establish a high on-time performance, resulting in satisfied passengers, airlines and employees.

  1. Passenger handling
  2. Ramp Handling

Passenger handling

Our passenger handling team creates an easy and pleasant stay for every passenger at the airport. We are involved in the entire passenger service chain.

Our employees provide the broadest variety of passenger services from check-in to boarding and we deploy of the service-, information-and arrivals desks. We are also responsible for the entire passengers with reduced mobility service. Guiding passengers with reduced mobility through the terminal and atthe aircraft. Through an integrated approach and close collaboration with all stakeholders at the airport we can minimize waiting times even during irregularities resulting in an alwayspleasant customer journey.

All activities are exucuted by employees internally trained at our Viggo Academy. Training our staff according to the multi-skilled principle, allows employees to take on many different activities. An employee can work at the check-in desk in the morning and assist the boarding process just an hour later, only to work at the security screening in the afternoon. This results in a wide skillset and therefore diverse and fun jobs, while it allows Viggo to make efficient and effective use of labour.

Ramp Handling

With the use of thoughtful procedures, a Boeing 737-800 can be turned around in 25 minutes. Our modern and green ground support equipment fleet contributes to the safety and efficiency of operationswhile the Quality & Safety department constantly monitors every process.

Viggo takes care of every aspect of ramp handling at Eindhoven Airport and Lelystad Airport, from marshalling in an aircraft, to the point where it taxi’s out. The loading and unloading of luggage and catering, boarding of passengers and push-backs of aircraft and all its interactions are activities we have performed and improved for many years.  Through continuous improvement projects our Business Support and Development team works together with supervisors, teamleaders and several other departments to challenge the status quo to further improve the control on our operations .

With a holistic personnel policy and flexible approach, we try to carry out the heavy and intensive activities with great care and responsibility. The ramp handling team is very close and is proud of the activities they perform, day in day out in every circumstance and always safely.

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Together with our partners, we offer seamless airport operations, allowing the passenger to go from entrance to aircraft as smoothly as possible.