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Viggo originated from (regional) air cargo handling. As a part of Expeditiebedrijf Wassing Transport, we started in the 70’s handling cargo and currently perform this activity as name Viggo Eindhoven.

In today’s air cargo handling, we focus on a niche market, dedicated to serving shipping companiesshippersin the Eindhoven area. We are contracted by many forwarders and cargo airlines, in close cooperation and by understanding our client’s wishes. The air cargo we handle is shipped fully cleared and screened to designated cargo hubs of Europe by truck, where it starts its journey to the rest of the world, and vice versa.


Viggo developed a number of unique specialities we are very proud of. Preparing high-tech machine shipments for a local high-end company  for a safe flight is a great example of one of our qualities. We obtained many certificates for handling air cargo, for example the renowned TAPA and AEO certifications. Another specialism is the preparation of sea cargo and a pick & pack operation in our warehouse.

An integral quality management system allows us to execute complex processes according to the customer’s desires. A well-trained and exceptionally experienced team work day in & day out to guarantee a timely and correct handling of every air cargo product.

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