Where it started

Viggo has provided airport services at Eindhoven Airport for nearly 50 years. With the introduction of Low-Cost Carriers to Eindhoven in the beginning of this century, Viggo encountered an enormous growth in passenger volume. We were forced to reinvent ourselves to facilitate 25-minute turnaround times for narrow body aircraft at the lowest possible price. 

This demanded the super-efficient use of resources and people, while at the same time keeping safety and quality standards high. This highly competitive environment promoted an integral vision and business model for Operational Excellence in airport processes. Within this business model a multiskilled way of working and advanced process designs emerged, supported by an innovative software suite. Our integral vision does not stop at Viggo’s boundaries but includes co-creation with other industry partners and utilizing the knowledge of our entire organization. This hands-on approach is key to the tangible and sustainable success of Viggo, both as a ground handler as well as a knowledge partner. 

Our vision

In Smart Solutions by Viggo, we apply an integral approach to passenger- and flight-driven processes. This integral approach created a unique business model in which data and co-creation are key.

Fully utilizing data and third-party software combined with smart in-house developed tools increases the efficiency and/or effectivity which results in a controllable airport process.

It is essential, within the integral business model, to co-create between departments and with external organizations. We prominently position continuous improvement in our co-creation approach. By fact-based monitoring and improvements, we are able to optimize any organization as a whole. We implement this data-driven business model for third parties as well. The co-creation approach is also relevant in this process, in which we keep working together to optimize the client’s company. 



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