The Viggo Software Suite offers all the right tools for long term capacity planning, short term scheduling and rostering and for daily operational execution. All tools are supported by a quality management system. The tools are modular and can therefore be individually integrated in your existing environment. The tools are suitable for any company size, from regional airport operators to ground handlers at international airports.

Quality & Safety System (QSS)

To embed optimized operations all processes and work-instructions are described to the right detail and published in an online database. The information is accessible to every employee or even temporarily to remote or visiting auditors. The QSS facilitates a paperless organisation and automatically updates the right staff of relevant changes or new procedures which they digitally sign to ensure compliance. The QSS also includes a reporting tool for incidents and abnormalities which can be automatically linked to a work-instruction for a problem solution or risk mitigation. The implementation of the QSS allows you to earn industry specific certificates such as ISAGO and EASA, or general quality certificates like ISO9001 and ISO14001.



This capacity calculation tool determines the net resource demand (labour or equipment), per unique skill for 5-minute intervals. The algorithm that calculates the workload dozens of variables, providing the best possible fit on your organization. This makes ViCap suitable for capacity calculations of both small and large operators.


Shift Generator

The ShiftGenerator creates optimized shifts based on the nett calculated workload resulting in an anonymous shift set. Trough an optimization algorithm it combines skills, ensuring a high utilization of your staff based on your workforce characteristics. It can also be deployed to execute scenario building. This provides insight in what the optimal future workforce should consist of.



ViCom is a bi-directional communication tool which provides the live sharing and entry of operational data. This presents any employee with the right operational info at the right time and place. If a disruption occurs, employees can immediately act to mitigate this. The automatic logging of timestamps provide objective insight provides the right input for objective management reports or to take the right decisions. The data produced by ViCom can be fed into the planning algorithm of ViCap to ensure the continuous improvement in your organization.


Key Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard combines all data from multiple sources in a single logical data warehouse. Default reports are presented containing your most important KPI’s, providing you with information where to improve at a glance. Custom reports and datasets can be created based on the user’s wishes. The Key Performance Dashboard provides the right functionality for every usergroup.


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