Security, safety first

Our trained employees help to establish a smooth passengerflow

Safety at and around the airport are a must. Safety and security are always a priority and requires a lot of attention every day. At Eindhoven Aiport and soon Lelystad Airport, we take care of the safety of our passenger in cooperation with G4S, the world’s largest airport security provider. 


In cooperation with G4S we employ fully trained security employees to assist during peak hours at the security checkpoints. We assist G4S to make the security capability flexible allowing for ad-hoc up and downscaling of security capacity. Viggo Security also provides supporting services around the security process. Our employees give passengers instructions to prepare them for the actual security checkpoints. This increases the throughput at the security checkpoints and decreases queueing,resulting in a smoother passenger flowand thus a better passenger experience. Our multi-skilled trained employees at Viggo Security can also assist other departments of Viggo such as the passenger handling team during check-in or boarding. This contributes to is done to offer the passenger with as much comfort aspossible and offering our staff a high task variety and job satisfactionfor our employees.